Our Podcasts are recorded in MP3 Format. Some of our Podcast’s may contain swearing after 9pm and before 6am (bst), we try to keep this to a minimum and apologise for this.

If you find any issues with any of our podcasts please e-mail podcasts@jamradio.co.uk and we will resolve this issue, all podcasts will be available for up-to 7 days then they are removed from our server as you can image server space isn’t cheap.

DJ Neville T-23-06-2019-22-00
Dragon Irie and Chico weekly rotation-23-06-2019-18-00
DJ Winston-23-06-2019-16-00
dj mickey culture-23-06-2019-13-00
D J i am-22-06-2019-20-00
Sheer Elegance -22-06-2019-18-05
dj Zena Culture-22-06-2019-18-00
dj star black-22-06-2019-16-00
DJ AB-22-06-2019-13-00
Jahsyah B-21-06-2019-21-00
dj oojah-21-06-2019-18-00
dj lt kevin-21-06-2019-15-00
sheer elegance-20-06-2019-20-00
DJ Marshall-20-06-2019-18-00
dj oojah-19-06-2019-19-00
DJ AB-18-06-2019-20-25
DJ AB-18-06-2019-20-20
DJ AB-18-06-2019-20-00
Annette B-18-06-2019-17-00
dj Dragon irie-17-06-2019-19-00